Microdermabrasion kit

Gently polish away dead skin, allowing a new healthy layer to shine through. Experience a completely revitalised complexion with NATURAbody’s at-home microdermabrasion kit for a fresh and radiant look.


Adjustable Strength
4 strength levels tailored for all skin types and sensitivity.
Personalised Treatment
Four tips to personalise your treatment to suit your skin. 

Weekly Use
Recommended weekly use, consistency is key to clarity.

Microdermabrasion kit

    • Use a cleanser to remove any oil & make-up. This will allow the microdermabrasion treatment to penetrate deeper, enhancing your results. 
    • Hold a warm towel on your face for 1 minute to open up pores & soften skin prior to using. 
    • Choose your desired suction level by clicking the power button. 4 levels available.
    • Evenly apply suction on your skin in a slow outwards gliding motion, as this technique will promote lymphatic drainage.
    • Hold a cold towel on your face for 1 minute to close your facial pores.

    Apply moisturiser after your treatment to re-hydrate your skin to promote healthy & radiant skin growth. 

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