White Jade Roller

Jade rolling has a plethora of astonishing skin & health benefits and has been used in ancient Chinese medicine for centuries. Rolling increases your blood circulation, which leads to a brighter, clearer, luminous complexion. In the same way that your body feels alive and refreshed after cardio, rolling has the same effect on the facial muscles & skin cells.


Detox / Dark Circles:

The Jade roller assists in lymphatic drainage, which helps your skin to rid toxins. If you get puffy eyes in the morning, Jade rolling can help with draining excess fluid in your face. Lymphatic fluid is waste that has come from your lymph nodes and needs to be returned to the cardiovascular system. Using the stone when it’s cold can also effectively reduce dark circles under the eyes.


Reduces Ageing and Face Tension:

Rolling slows the process of cell ageing by promoting turnover, helping to diminish the appearance of fine lines and smooth out wrinkles.

Our facial muscles store a lot of tension. Think about all the teeth clenching, squinting, and straining you do all day. This tension can cause wrinkles and fine lines, especially around our forehead and eyes. To smooth out wrinkles and reduce tension, use the roller when it’s cold.

(Our Tip... Fridge! Fridge! Fridge! keep your roller in the fridge that way whenever you use it it's super refreshing, also after a facial or face-care routine it will help close the pores and keep dirt out!)


I'm Versital:

Use me right out of the fridge for that cool refreshing and skin-tightening effect.

Or simply run under warm water for a relaxing pre skin treatment massage.

White Jade Roller

    • STEP ONE: Wash that beautiful face of yours! You want a clean face before you roll.
    • STEP TWO: Moisturise! Use whatever moisturiser or serum you like best; it's your choice.
    • STEP THREE: Roll it out! And there you have it super simple.

    For further instructions refer to image with directions.

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